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There’s a shifting tide of expectations among talented lawyers. Clients are also demanding a better way.

As an Acuity consultant you choose when, where and how you work. The freedom and flexibility means you can build a career that fits with your lifestyle and your life goals – not the other way around.

You’re your own boss – no timesheets, no complex management structures, no office politics, no corporate machine. It's the ultimate work-life balance.

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We’re not like other consultancy firms that simply provide a platform to operate but very little else. What makes us different is the backing and support network of an acclaimed and innovative law company.

Our consultants are free to practise and progress without boundaries, yet they’re also part of a passionate peer group, established practice teams and a strong referral culture.

Our strong sense of community is really important to us. We've created inspiring spaces to work and a supportive environment where people can collaborate and know that they’re not on their own. As an Acuity consultant, you’re very much part of the family.

As a consultant with Acuity, you can:

  • Take home the lion’s share of what you earn
  • Be part of a passionate and collaborative team
  • Make the most of a strong referral culture and access multiple sources of work
  • Take control of your work-life balance
  • Develop your practice and client base

Are you a lawyer at the top of your game?

Do you tread your own path? Do you expect something more?

We’re looking for talented senior lawyers who want to break the mould. If you're interested in a better legal career, we'd love to hear from you.

+44 (0)7814 292 177

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